Episode 4: The One That Didn’t Want to be Made

Wow! What a week. I can fill you in next episode about the stinkin’ hurdles the podcast and I jumped this week, but this episode should be up tonight, so for now I’m just going to get to the show notes:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all new and reviewing viewers!

Finished Objects:

For the absolute last time, I talk about the Gruffalo Story Sack. Here are pictures of the two pieces I’ve finished since last time:


Links to the pattern pages on Ravelry:

The Gruffalo by Pheony (paid pattern)

Boy Fox in a Star Spangled Sweater by Julie Williams (paid pattern)

Owl and the Pussycat by Alan Dart (paid pattern)

Marisol the Knitted Mouse by Rachel Borello Carroll (free Ravelry download)

Super Simple Stripy Snake by Iris Michelle (free Ravelry download)

I gave my niece the finished set today, and she happily pulled out all of the animals… until she got to the Gruffalo, which she was terrified of. Maybe she’ll grow to love him. Either way, it was still worth it to make this set for her. She seems to especially like the mouse.

Works in Progress:

I briefly show the Rainbow Ballerina legwarmers project. I have one set of stripes completed, and will hopefully be able to show them finished soon. These are knit from DyeNamic Yarns in the Lollipop colourway.

I also show the progress I’ve made on my Shaelyn by Leila Raabe. I used the tutorial found here to get started. If you’re anything like me, the pictures will be very helpful. I’m making this out of Quince & Co. Chickadee in Frank’s Plum and Lichen

I also promised a picture of the grape vines, which currently have rain falling on them and it sounds just beautiful.

Bonus! I've added a red stripe and started an orange one since recording.IMG_20140927_224555

I mention that my Shaelyn colours remind me of the grape vines we have growing on our deck:


Podcasts I Enjoy:

Video: DancingGeek Podcast by James

Audio: Knotty Girls Knitcast by Jen and Laura

Both of these shows are well-made and entertaining. I really enjoy them and hope you do too!

Island Chatter:


I ramble quite a bit about Prince Edward Island, and try to explain a little bit about what it’s like to live here. I also discuss Anne of Green Gables. This Government of PEI website shows a little more about Green Gables, and also provides links to other popular events.

I will try to include a little more about PEI from time to time with my own pictures and videos. It really is a wonderful place to live, and hopefully this will help me rediscover some of it’s wonderful features. Thanks so much to all who have shown interest in our little province.

As I mentioned in the Ravelry Group, I do still plan to record again on Monday (tomorrow!) and hopefully it will be posted on Tuesday now that I’ve got some of my recording/editing issues worked out.

Thanks so much for checking all of this out, and I’ll talk to you soon!


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