Episode 5: And Now For Something Sort Of Different

Episode 5 is a little different, since I haven’t really done any knitting since last recording. I do talk about some plans for the podcast and I’ll give you a quick breakdown here:

1. I’m not going to do titled segments in the recordings for now. It feels unnatural and awkward… instead you’ll have to put up with it just feeling awkward.

2. We’re working on a logo and some ways to spruce up the blog a little. I say we… I mean Chris.

3. Jonas wants to record with me. I’m going to let him. I won’t let him yell “HELLO” at you. I promise.

4. I’m going to get a mic soon. Did I even mention that part in the show? I don’t remember… Either way, it’s true and should improve the sound quality (yay!).

I also talk about some updates we made to our living/dining rooms. I promised pictures… Apparently the ‘Before’ picture I was looking for has been deleted, so I’ve found something that gives you the general idea:

Look past the child's head in the foreground, and you'll see the hideous wallpaper. On the left of the photo is a solid white wall.

Look past the child’s head in the foreground, and you’ll see the hideous wallpaper. Note that the toys in the left part of the photo are backed by a solid white wall.

The best pic I have so far in daylight that shows both colours. What a difference!

The best pic I have so far in daylight that shows both colours. The ugly wallpaper wall is now purple, and the solid white wall is grey. What a difference!


Lindsay of the Entirely Crafty Podcast is hosting the Knock Your Socks Off October KAL, and it sounds like so much fun! Any pair of socks you finish this month counts as an entry. Since I recorded, Lindsay has posted a picture of the beautiful skein of sock yarn you could win, so be sure to check out the podcast and get in on the KAL! The link goes to the chatter thread so that there are no accidental posts in the Photos Only thread, but all the same info is posted there.

Shout Outs

Video: Knitting in Circles with Aimee and Darren. Seriously, go and watch this podcast. I have watched each and every episode and find myself eagerly awaiting each new one.

Audio: ACTuallyKNITting with Michelle. A great combination of acting, teaching, running, cooking, and of course knitting!

Because of Knitting

Inspired by Michelle of ACTuallyKNITting, I talk about ways that my life has been affected/improved by knitting. I’m opening a thread on the group page where you can share stories as well, but please be sure to check out Michelle’s podcast and share your Because of Knitting stories with her on Instagram!

Coming Up

I mention that I’m headed to workshops for the rest of the week, and then to a spinning night at Alison’s on Friday. I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some footage back to include in next week’s show.

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so I’ll be recording Episode 6 on turkey day. I’m sure I’ll think of some wonderful way to include it in the show. Ahem… “Everyone stand up and tell us one thing you’re thankful for!” will not be it.

I think that about wraps it up! I hope I didn’t miss anything, but if I did be sure to send me an owl. Or and email (sometimes that’s faster).



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