Monthly Archives: November 2014

Episode 12: Giveaway Alert!! Hello, All! Welcome to another episode of Knitting in Stitches. I made some apologies this episode for my darn ringer still being on (yup… my sister is still pregnant!) and being sniffly. Allergies are a jerk. WIPs Rudy Got Sole by Amy Klimt (Free Ravelry download) – Yeah I’m still picking away at these […]

Episode 11: Ramble McRantypants Hello All, and welcome to Episode 11! I am still new-nephew-less. This baby is a big tease and keeps making us think he’s going to arrive, but then doesn’t. I’m going to have to talk to him someday about the boy who cried wolf. In the meantime, I bought him The Inappropriate Baby Book. Projects: […]

Episode 10: Decaf Edition

Welcome to the 10th episode of Knitting In Stitches! Podcast Notes:  – I’m going to try to get the podcast onto iTunes soon, but we’ve got some internet issues to work out first. I’ll keep you posted. – I’ve added a new feature to the blog’s sidebar. It’s a list of links to podcasts that […]

Episode 9: The Quick One

Thanks for checking out Episode 9! It’s a bit shorter than usual, but I do have some progress to show off! Before I get into the notes, I’d like to mention a new feature that I’ll be putting on the sidebar soon. After receiving some viewer feedback (thanks!!!), I’m going to make a list of links […]