Episode 10: Decaf Edition

Welcome to the 10th episode of Knitting In Stitches!

Podcast Notes:

 – I’m going to try to get the podcast onto iTunes soon, but we’ve got some internet issues to work out first. I’ll keep you posted.

– I’ve added a new feature to the blog’s sidebar. It’s a list of links to podcasts that I try to keep up with. This way, if I mention a podcast in passing and don’t think to link to it in the episode’s show notes, you could still find it right over there —–>

Our Ravelry group is approaching 100 members! Once we reach 100 members, I’m going to draw for two prizes. First, a pattern of your choice from Ravelry up to $10 CAD (about $9.00 US). Second, I have a skein of 100% Alpaca yarn from Granny’s Alpaca in Cardigan PEI. It’s 3.5 oz of worsted weight and it’s sooooo soft! Thanks to Alison for donating it!

– A few episodes ago, I posted a few pictures to give you some idea of the landscape of Prince Edward Island. However, I’ve come across a much collection of much better pictures on Tourism PEI’s Pinterest page. It’s filled with wonderful pictures from all around the province. I think you’ll enjoy it!


The Dudester Scarf by Jana Pihota. It’s a free pattern that is available on her blog. I made this with Red Heart Comfort in the Charcoal colourway (3220). Here’s my project.


Rudy Got Sole by Amy Klimt. This is a free Ravelry download. I’m making them with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in the colourway 1282. My project page is here.

French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi. The pattern costs $7 US. I’m using 100% Corriedale and 100% Peruvian Highland Wool that was handspun by Alison. I’m making these to fulfill two goals: 1. To make my 100th project for myself, and 2. To make something with Alison’s handspun. Here’s the project page.


In the mail this week, I received the circular needles that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I first heard about them from Paula on the Knitting Pipeline podcast and decided to order some. They come in packages of 11 sets of needles, sized 1.5mm (US 000)  – 5mm (US 8). I got the 32″ set, and the 47″ set… 22 sets in all. Yup. I also ordered a set of crochet hooks! I’ve been saying for ages that I’ll learn and now I have no excuses.

I replaced my broken pottery mug with one from White Gables at Hope River. I was on the fence about buying myself a mug when I already have about 20 in my cabinet at home, but I’m really glad I did. Maybe now I’ve satisfied the “new mug” craving and can stop buying them.

Shout Outs:

New projects have been shared with the group by nannapei, alicats, knitjvf70, and yarn-yakker. Be sure to check them (and the rest of the shared projects) right over here!


Thanks again for watching the podcast. I really appreciate all of the viewers, followers and group members. I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I am!

Talk to you next week!

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