Episode 11: Ramble McRantypants


Hello All, and welcome to Episode 11!

I am still new-nephew-less. This baby is a big tease and keeps making us think he’s going to arrive, but then doesn’t. I’m going to have to talk to him someday about the boy who cried wolf. In the meantime, I bought him The Inappropriate Baby Book.


I don’t have any FOs this week, but here are my WIPs:

French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi ($7 US). I’ve got them assembled and ready to felt. I made them with handspun that I was given. Here is my project page.

Rudy Got Sole by Amy Klimt (free Ravelry download). Just a tiny bit more progress to show this week. I’m making these with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine. You can find my project here.

Spring Training Cap by Linda Permann. This pattern was printed in the March/April 2012 edition of Crochet Today! magazine. From what I understand, the magazine is no longer in print so I apologize but you may not easily find this pattern. I’m using Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in Soft Cream (102) and Rich Red (124). Here’s my project.  Oh, hey, guess what?? IT’S CROCHET! I have put off learning to crochet for too long and I am so excited to finally be learning the skill. Here are some links to videos I’ve used along the way:


This week I tried Icewine Tea by Canada True. I bought it at Winners, but here are a couple of links to online sites that sell it (and other products). I have not used these sites so I can’t say anything about their shipping charges/times and so on.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check out the Ravelry group, and sign up for a chance to win cool stuff!

Until next week, Happy Crafting!

~ Moira


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