Episode 19: It Doesn’t Have a Title


Beer Cozy for Tea:

Garter Coaster Beer Cozy by Jessica Landers with Cascade Heritage in Charcoal


Auntie Socks:

Lumberjack by Alexa Ludeman of Tin Can Knits with Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in Electric and Moonstone.

Downton Shawl MKAL:

Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-Along 2015 by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich with Lorna’s Laces Solemate in Edith’s Secret and Grand Street Ink. Here is a link to the yarn kits I mentioned.


Craft-Along for Chronic Givers:

  • You have been busy posting finished objects just for YOU! The end is not yet in sight, so keep them coming!

  • Thanks to Christy (RJsMom) for the wonderful prize donation! Sorry for not linking last week. Here are links to the farm site, RJ’s blog, and their Etsy shop (which is currently on a short break, but now you’ll know where to find them!)

  • A picture of the prize package (along with the giveaway rules) is posted on the entries thread on Ravelry.

My Colour Wheelhouse Giveaway:

For the Deep Purple Skein, Congratulations to:

RITA! (nelsor)

For the Frivilous Skein, Congratulations to:

SIMONA! (simonamaloney)

I will wait a bit for both winners to PM or email me their mailing addresses and I’ll get your prizes out asap.

200 Member Giveaway:

We are at 188 members as of my last check! When we reach 200, I will do two draws from the member list for 1: A pattern of your choice from Ravelry up to $10 CAD and 2: A skein of Malabrigo Chunky in Verde Esperanza

Happy Crafting, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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