Giveaway Drawing!

Well folks, I hate to disappoint but there won’t be an episode this week. In fact, I’m going to take a little break to get a handle on some family stuff before I record again. I promise nobody is deathly ill or anything, we’re all fine 🙂 I appreciate your understanding though, and should be back before you know it!

In the meantime, you’ve all been working really hard on gifts for yourself. We have some very talented and creative group members and I’ve really enjoyed seeing your finished projects. I hope you have enjoyed the Craft-Along! Thanks again to our generous prize donor Christy (RJsMom) of The Straw Family Farm! She donated a beautiful skein of yarn (Mohair/Wool blend) from her son, RJ’s, flock, handmade stitch markers and a project bag to keep it all in.

We had 91 entries. 91!! That’s fantastic! I used a random number generator, and the winning post is #56….

Karen!! (Karenpmacd)

Congratulations!! Karen is a fellow PEI-er, and with the insane winter weather we’re having her four handknit entries will be put to good use this weekend! I’ll bet that first attempt at thrumming is paying off now, right Karen?? I hope you enjoy your prize!

Thanks again to everyone for your participation, and for keeping in touch while I’ve been laying low.

We’ll talk soon. Happy Crafting!




  1. Patricia · · Reply

    I just discovered your podcast and I am really enjoying it! Enjoy your time off, and hope to see you back soon!


  2. Hi Moira!

    I noticed that I hadn’ t seen you at all after I came back from my hibernation period so I thought I’d come see what you’re up to. I hope everything gets sorted out ok and you are able to come back and record – I miss you!

    I certainly understand needing to take a break though, what with me disappearing without even a goodbye for 4 months!

    Big hugs,

    J x (DancingGeek)


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