Not an Episode: Let’s KAL!

My Dear Podcast Viewers,

While it may seem that I have completely abandoned you, I have actually been trying so hard to find a chance to sit and record a new episode. Without yammering on too much about the ways in which a newborn can control time, I’ll just say that since the birth of our little one recording hasn’t been possible. I can’t blame him entirely, there has still (*ahem… STILL) been work happening on the house so there has been a lot to try to plan around and no way to control any of it.

Anyway, in the meantime I have really wanted to get started on the Knit/Crochet A-Long I mentioned in my last episode. I like to try to use up as much of my yarn as possible. After all, I bought it because it makes me happy, and I spent my hard-earned money on it! I do tend to keep my leftovers and they’ve really been building up. So, for this K/CAL the goal is to use up the leftovers we all acquire when working on other projects. Here are the rules:

  1. You must be a member of the Knitting In Stitches group on Ravelry to qualify for prizes.
  2. Double-dipping is allowed. So is triple-dipping. Go ahead and dip as much as you like!
  3. Eligible entries will be completed projects, not completed items. For example: A finished sock yarn square = not eligible. A finished project made of sock yarn squares = eligible. A finished sock = not eligible. A finished pair of socks = eligible. You get the idea.
  4. Make a separate post for each finished project. Entry posts should include: A) A picture of your finished project B) A link to your project page C) The name of the project(s) in which you originally used the yarn.
  5. Projects must be made from at least 50% leftover yarn. I know in the last episode I said they had to be 100% leftovers but I’ve decided that was silly and have changed my mind.
  6. To qualify as “leftovers”, you must have used the yarn in part for another project. If you’ve worked the yarn, ripped it out and re-worked it this is not a leftover. Some of the yarn must have been used up by you previously, however there is no minimum amount that you should have used for it to be eligible.  
  7. WIPs are eligible! As long as it meets the other requirements and you finish it after the thread opens, it counts.
  8. Chatter and entries are both welcome in the same thread. I’m going to keep track of which posts are entries, so chat away!
  9. I will draw for prizes from all entries once every month/four weeks (it might vary by a couple of days) with special prize drawings at “milestone” entry numbers (every 50 entries).
  10. Once a project has won a prize, it will no longer be eligible for further prize drawings.

Rules 4 & 5 will mainly rely on the honour system. I can always peek at your project pages, but I understand that not everyone keeps totally precise notes so I’m trusting everyone to play fair.

At this time I don’t have an end date in mind. I’ll monitor things and if interest is seriously waning over time I’ll set an end date. As I see it, we will always be gathering leftovers and as long as we’re trying to use them up there might as well be a chance to win some prizes!

Speaking of prizes, there will be a variety. These could include pattern purchases, project bags, yarn, local treats, and some handmade items from yours truly!

If you are are interested in donating prizes, please PM me on Ravelry or send me an email ( ) and we’ll chat! I have a couple of generous donations already, and they are very much appreciated (not to mention awesome. You guys are seriously lucky!).

I’ve been trying to think of a clever name since I really didn’t want to just call this The Leftovers K/CAL. I was recently inspired by a funny story of a friend’s neighbour’s late-night rantings. We don’t really know what on Earth the guy was talking about, but what he said made me laugh and I think it fits in a way so I omitted a couple of grown-up words and landed on the title….

I Want My Value! K/Cal

One last thing… use #iwantmyvalue on Instagram to show off your ideas, progress, and FOs for some extra fun and occasional prize drawings!

So that’s about it. I know this is a long post… there’s a reason I prefer to just talk to you all in a video. Anyway, I’m going to pop on to Ravelry and open up the K/CAL thread so we can get started! Hope to see you all there soon.

Happy Crafting!




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