Episode 35: I Have a Weird Assortment of Frog Parts to Show You

Product Review

Ancient Arts Big Squeeze in Raindrops (part of the new Denim Collection). Find Ancient Arts on FB (Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts), Twitter & Instagram (@ancientartsyarn)


Quick Socks by Haley Waxberg


Tootsie Roll Socks by Lisa K. Ross of Paper Daisy Creations. Also mentioned: bag from Little Creek Designs

Figaro by Susan Claudino. Also mentioned: bag from Bling Your String

Solar dyed yarn project. I also found this website very useful. The yarn will become a Striped Snake by Sarah Ann Thompson



I Want My Value! KAL (full details here)

Stripy Sock KAL: Have Knitting Podcast link and Knitting in Stitches link

Pigskin Party KAL

Canada KAL: Two Tangled Skeins link and Knitting in Stitches link

More Canada KAL…

I showed the sets of prizes with products from various shops including:

I also mentioned the Sorry, Eh? giveaway that I’m running in my Ravelry group as part of the Canada KAL. Full Details are in the Sorry, Eh? thread!


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