Episode 46: 12th. It’s May 12th.

I Want My Value K/CAL

Congratulations to May’s winner! You get a pattern giftable on Ravelry (up to $10 CAD). Tune in to see if it’s you!

Full K/CAL details can be found in this blog post. To enter, visit the I Want My Value thread in the Knitting In Stitches Group on Ravelry.


2017 Baby Hat Project – Knit: Stashbusting Helix Hat by Jessica Rose, and 2 Basic Beanies (no pattern)


Tootsie Rolls by Lisa K. Ross

Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure

Paris Toujours by Isabell Kraemer

Koala Mama and Baby by Susan B. Anderson

Helix Socks (vanilla sock using Helix knitting technique)

Star Blanket by Bernat Design Studio

Legacy Yarn Club

My second shipment arrived and it is bea-u-ti-ful!!! Visit www.mountainmeadowwool.com for all the Legacy Yarn Club details.

Misc. Mentions

Seven Sisters Tea

Knitting At Tiffany’s Podcast

Bling Your String


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